Review | Koite Grill’s standout Senegalese cooking builds on char, smoke and butchery



Some dishes are more uncomplicated to acquire at Koite than others. The appetizers, together with the deep-fried fataya fish patties or the grilled K7 wings together with your most popular warmth remedy, are delights that may be had any day the eating place is open. Identical is going for the maafe, a hen or lamb stew that combines peanut butter from two continents, North The us and Africa, the previous unfold a tad sweeter and lighter than the latter. Maafe assumes a heady and reasonably oily persona, the facet impact of peanut butter because it breaks down, however the stew pairs fantastically with jollof rice, that facet of damaged rice animated with onions, bell peppers, garlic and so a lot more.


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